Nikki Lissoni

We all have a hidden strength contained within our souls. It is this strength that drives us to do wondrous things. Remember that there are no limits to what you can achieve when you realize your inner strength and your inner beauty - the woman within. Celebrate your unique essence and share this with the world. Make a difference. Inspire others with your Nikki Lissoni jewellery. Follow your heart and Love Life. It is time to liberate your inner beauty and reveal what is unique and authentic about you.
All jewellery is crafted with care, passion, is infused with emotion and designed with an authentic meaning. Wear your Nikki Lissoni jewellery and mix the coins and charms that reflect your inner strength and values, things you care about or just love. For each individual woman there is the perfect piece of jewellery to express your own unique self. Find your individual strength and inner beauty, and share this with the world. Choose to live and love your life!

The brand

Nikki Lissoni was founded in 2011 by Caspar Assmann with a mission to bring high quality interchangeable lifestyle jewellery in an affordable price range.

Brand personality

Young, trendy, female, fun, quality, classy, sophisticated, fashionable, positive and empowered.

The collection

With a large collection in necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings and earrings in a luxury radiation a strong brand is created which empowers women across the world. All designed with the driving forces for love, fashion and creating high quality and detailed designs. The attention to detail, trend oriented, feminine and classy designs as well as handcrafted pieces in highest demand of product quality are the key characters of the Nikki Lissoni collection.
We continually develop our portfolio in keeping with our core values of affordable luxury, exceptional beauty and high quality.

The stores

Working diligently with distributors and sales agencies to develop relationships worldwide, Nikki Lissoni operates in more than 16 countries. Find a shop that sells Nikki Lissoni near you with our store locator.

The mission

To become a leading brand that creates affordable interchangeable and high quality jewellery.

Love life

Nikki Lissoni is dedicated to create products of unprecedented quality and exceptional beauty that empower women all over the world to embrace their own inner force and love their life.

Once upon a time...

...there was a girl that was given the name of Nikki the day she was born. Her Spanish father and Dutch mother raised her to become a woman. A young talented gorgeous woman, full with Spanish temperament. She was and is loved by many. From the very first moment. What's inside counts. Nikki was known as an honest and reliable person. "Dutch influences" she called these characteristics of hers.
The day that Nikki turned eighteen her grandmother surprised her with the most fantastic gift ever. Packed in a lovely little white box with a golden lid, was a heirloom that had been in the family Lissoni for ages. A necklace with a charming coin, but at the same time odd and extraordinary too. She didn't recognize the signs on the decorated coin - it was not making sense at all. "The meaning of this coin - my sweet child - differs from person to person", grandmother told her lovingly. "As I am the one that gives you this coin and you are the one that receives my precious gift, the two of us will decide what the meaning of this coin will be. Please sustain this age-old tradition, Nikki. A tradition of luck, love and wonderful memories. What's inside counts. This is my wish for you."
Because of these words and the most cherished gift that she had kept by heart since then, Nikki stayed true to tradition. She kept her word. The tradition continued with bangles, charms, pendants, coins, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings of Nikki Lissoni.

Made with passion and love

All jewellery is crafted with care, passion, is infused with emotion and designed with an authentic meaning. The offered quality isn't only about the quality of our products or the level of our services. We have the strong believe that 'What goes around, comes around'. We are one of the very few companies that can say proudly we offer very good working conditions for our Thai employees. Our Thai employees can make use of the day care center for example, or stay overnight in one of the dormitories we have built for employees and their families that live elsewhere.
At our two factories - that are located in the Northern part of Thailand - our skilled employees are dedicated to manufacturing cast and hand-finished jewellery of outstanding quality, based on traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

Meet the Designer

Behind every beautiful design is a remarkable designer. Meet our head of the Design department: Katrien Coenders. She is main responsible for the Design department and works together closely with Thai master craftsmen and silversmiths with the goal to create exclusive, exciting and internationally focused jewellery. Katrien has been a member of the Design-team since 2009 and has created several beautiful new designs since then. She can translate fashion trends, events and other moments that are worth remembering perfectly in the most detailed coins and other jewellery. She is capable to anchor her creativity and love for fashion and accessories into a compelling jewellery collection.